Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome to The Masculine Heart

Starting a new blog is always a risky proposition. I'm not sure how much I have to say, or if it is relevant to anyone other than myself. I might post regularly, but I doubt it. This is likely to be an occasional blog.

However, I do invite and welcome guest posts from anyone with something to say on the topic of the masculine heart. You can email me from the link on the sidebar.

What I hope to explore is the evolving sense of masculinity. Not the wishy-washy New Age variety, but the tender-hearted warrior version Chogyam Trungpa wrote about in Shambhala. But this isn't an exclusively Buddhist blog, since being a man isn't merely a Buddhist idea.

My sense is that what it means to be male in this culture is evolving, becoming more heart-centered, but also becoming soft. Which is not to say that being heart-centered is to be soft, but rather that many men make this mistake. I believe we can be fiercely masculine and still hold a tender heart. I hope to explore how we might do that in these pages.

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