Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Revolutionary Man Leadership Training

Here's your chance to work with Jayson and other dedicated men in defining and achieving your highest purpose.

The Revolutionary Man Leadership training is a program that will put you on your “edge,” where all true learning takes place out of your comfort zone. You’ll be challenged, confronted, celebrated and seen. Prepare to live: really live. Without risk – the guts, there is no reward – the glory. Jayson helps you get there. ----Jeffrey Wolfe, 45, College professor/Oriental medical doctor

Attention: Smart, motivated, evolving guys who are ready to truly explore what is possible…

Revolutionary Man Leadership

Get On It & Apply!! 16 Spots Now Open
Price Goes Up November 1, 2009

“Are You Ready To Man Up
And Take Your Life To The Next Level
By Going Through An Intense Rite of Passage
That Will Push You, Wake You Up, And Inspire You
To Live Into Your Full Potential As a Man?”

More details and sign up at the Revolutionary Man site.

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