Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Andrew Parkes - Why Are You Okay With Being Out of Shape?

Good article - and something men need to think about. Being a well-rounded mature man starts with our health. If our bodies are not healthy, we have no foundation for anything else.

Why Are You Okay With Being Out of Shape?

Nasty beer gut? No thanks.

No man ever sought out as a child to be overweight and blubbery. Our heroes as boys were sports stars: men in tip top physical shape at the top of their game. (Unless your idol was a 300 lb lineman, which is another blog post entirely.)

So, at 30 years old, when some men wake up one morning to stare at a 40 inch waist line that accumulated after years of neglect, it’s a shock.

‘How do I dig myself out of this massive hole?’ is their most common refrain.

Sure, a guy in this situation might joke around about that beer gut. Or maybe deny it. Or some slough it off by saying ‘it’s no big deal.’

It is. Deep down in the recesses of his mind there’s this nagging, whiny voice that whispers: (or sometimes yells)

“You need to do something about this.”

This voice has good intentions. It is trying to cause enough discontent and uncomfort for this man to say, ‘Enough. I will not live in a bloated skin suit anymore. It is time to get this body into shape once and for all.’

This is great. But these are just words. Unfortunately, for most men, they rarely translate into the action required to see them fulfilled. When’s it’s time to put on the workout gear, lace up the running shoes and get to work, the push forward morphs into a pull: to stay where you are and finish the urgent _________ (fill in the blank with something meaningless like an e-mail or presentation for the boss, etc.) because it’s ‘more important.’

So, how does a man regain the sense of urgency he once had for changing his physical condition? I’m glad you asked:

Learn more about my new E-Book called ‘Why You’re Not in Shape – and What to Do About It’

Check out my new E-Book: Why You’re Not in Shape – and What to Do About It.’

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