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Michael Taylor - Male Transformation: A Mans Journey To Wholeness

Here is this week's podcast from Coach Michael Taylor on his A New Conversation with Men show (Blog Talk Radio). His guests are Keith Merron and Tim Kelly. They have created a workshop called Sword and Scepter (relating to warrior and king) that is specifically designed to support men in understanding how to embrace new ways of being and relating as men, providing a road map for men to follow that leads them to wholeness.

My sense is that this workshop aims to change a man's relationship to and with power, advocating a more responsible and compassionate use of leadership power (scepter) and assertive power (sword).

Male Transformation - A Mans Journey To Wholeness

Coach Michael Taylor

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Are there solutions to the senseless acts of violence perpetuated by men that are so common in our society? Will new gun laws or additional legislation help eradicate these problems? Is it part of a mans genetic makeup to be violent?

Contrary to negative media generated stereotypes about men, men are not inherently violent and they can learn to be more loving, sensitive and caring. They can be taught to deal appropriately with their anger and they can embrace new ways of being and relating as men.

What has been missing is a resource that deals specifically with the complexity of the changing roles of masculinity. What is needed is a dialog about A Mans Journey To Wholeness.

One such resource is the Sword and Scepter workshop facilitated by Keith Merron and Tim Kelly. This workshop was specifically designed to support men in understanding how to embrace new ways of being and relating as men and it provides a road map for men to follow that leads them to wholeness.

Join Coach Michael Taylor as he interviews the developers of the Sword & Scepter workshop and learn how the workshop can support men in living extraordinary lives.

For more info about the workshop log on to:

From the website for Sword and Scepter, here is a description of the workshop and what one can expect during the four days. PLEASE NOTE: I am not advocating this process, just sharing the information.

The Sword and Scepter Workshop

A 4-day Exploration of Masculine Power
The Sword and Scepter Workshop operates from the assumption that deepening one’s power is a process. It requires courageous opening to oneself, to others, and to the deepest aspects of what it means to be a conscious man in this world. It is our belief that learning about power has a dual edge: the inner exploration of power and its development, and its outer expression in effective forms. We work both of these edges throughout the workshop, seeking to discover both a deeper sense of self and its viable and authentic expression.

What You Can Expect from the 4-day Sword and Scepter Workshop
  • A better understanding of your own relationship to power
  • An understanding of the motives that drive you to express or repress your power
  • An experience of expressing power with other men
  • A model for healthy expression of male power
  • A sense of when your own power serves and when it harms
  • An enhanced ability to harness and channel your personal power

What You Will Experience
The workshop is structured as a series of exercises, experiences, and conversations, rather than lectures and instruction. Participants will join in an exploration in which each man brings his own wisdom and experiences to the circle. We will explore male power through a variety of means, including:
  • Exercises designed to help participant see how they show up as men
  • Exercises designed to draw out masculine power
  • Opportunities to see the impact of power
  • Journaling and other self-reflective activities
  • Men’s Council
  • Accessing timeless masculine archetypes, such as king and warrior
  • Meditation, visioning, and work with imagery
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
The workshop begins on a Thursday evening and runs through Sunday.

How We Are Different
Compared to other workshops, we're different due to:
  • Our purpose. This is a workshop about masculine power. We are not going to tell you how to be a man. We are not a men's social group. We are not a workshop company. We don't exist primarily to make money. We are here specifically to expand your consciousness in the area of power.
  • Who we work with. We focus on men already interested in their own growth and development. We are not trying to convince men of the value of focusing on their own growth. Most men come through invitation, word of mouth. The men show up ready to work, you get more for the time spent.
  • The team. Several men putting on the event are volunteering their time, and we are primarily covering costs, and proceeds go to the non-profit Tribe of Men. Many of the men are highly successful workshop conductors, coaches, consultants and executives in their own right. You'll get multiple perspectives and examples.
  • Follow-up. We believe growth requires more than a "great weekend". The Sword and Scepter ended up creating the Tribe of Men, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the consciousness of men. The Tribe can provide ongoing support for interested men, at a price you set for yourself.

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