Monday, October 13, 2008

The Effects Of Unemployment On Men And Their Manliness

An interesting post from A Return to Manliness. As the economic crisis sifts its way down to Main Street America, a lot of men (and women) are going to be in this position -- forced unemployment. As much as it sucks for either sex, men might suffer more psychologically because our culture places so much emphasis on work as a measure of self-worth for men.
The Effects Of Unemployment On Men And Their Manliness

Art of Manliness wrote recently on Dealing With Unemployment Like a Man. It’s a great site and a great post. Since I am in this situation at the moment, I thought it prudent to comment in my own way.

If you choose to be unemployed, you may find this article not as relevant at the beginning. However, you will find it poignant at some point during your self-imposed sabbatical. This article is written for those of us that did not choose to be unemployed. It was out of our hands and now have to make the best of it.

I have never been unemployed before. It was a HUGE adjustment. Imagine going 100 miles per hour for 20+ years and then nothing. The only thing I’ve experienced that comes close to the feeling is finding out your mate has not been faithful. You go from “everything is great” to the “world has ended”.

I am certain this is the same feeling people get when they retire. It’s like driving along in your car and suddenly, unexpectedly getting hit by another vehicle. You take the drive, the car, the action for granted - then your entire perspective on everything, literally everything, changes instantly. It certainly shakes things up.

This article focuses on 5 effects of unemployment men often take for granted. I am sure there are many more, of course, but these 5 aspects of manliness were affected greatly during my layoff. My intent on discussing this is not to tell you how to deal with your situation - everyone is different. Also, AoM did a fantastic job in identifying a plan, albeit obvious ideas, which we all need to remind ourselves of during unemployment.

Read the whole post.

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