Monday, November 10, 2008

Ego Only Mimics Masculinity!

Never heard of this site before (Arx Man Dating), but they offer this interesting article on ego and masculinity. Of course, ego is ego, a collection of small selves seeking some sense of unity and continuity. Masculinity is a trait, a fluidity of expression, not a static thing. But for many men, ego IS their sense of masculinity because ego is never seen as an object, only experienced as a subject.

The writing is a bit rough, and my guess is that this is a dating site, but the message is still good.

Ego only mimics masculinity!

Ego only mimics masculinity!Needless to say that men who make it big in life or achieve great goals are the ones who strongly believe in themselves. Being confident is the key towards achieving anything you desire or dream of. Let’s talk about dating here. Every man wants to settle down with a decent girl who is beautiful, smart and attractive all the same. But it is only when you rub off on the field that you realize that it is not that easy a game, not to mention how glibly you can go into the dumps once you see that the woman of your choice has rejected you. You might have put your best show but women are much sharper than we are when it comes to reading people’s hearts. Let’s see where do men exactly lose and why!

I spoke about confidence here because men often think that ego brings confidence to them. They think that it helps them show their masculinity and also gives them the passport to do anything and everything with their dates under its cover. After all they are men. I must acknowledge that women do get attracted to men who have ego to an extent. They mistake him for being confident for what he is but when the true story unfolds, egoistic people are no less than utter failures in life. This is so because ego has a negative streak in it which makes a man think that he can behave in any which way with a woman and this is where he loses to give respect to the lady.

Confidence on oneself on the other hand is the anchor that helps you know your true potential as a man. It never lets a man flaunt or divulge that he is not. A confident man is aware of his incapabilities as his positives but never tries to show that he is the best and that everything that he does spells valor. He’s humble, unpretentious and chivalrous. A woman finds a man who is respectful extremely intoxicating. It in a way validates her decision of falling for you.

So for all the men who are really seeking genuine partners must take into account that their ego is only a false garb that cuts them from divulging their real self. Be confident about what you are, who you are, humble accept your weak links and take responsibility for every act of yours and you’ll see women doting on you within no time.

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MissMysterics said...

You have confused 'ego' with 'egoism' and 'narcissism' they are not the same thing.

Narcissim is what you have described in this article.

'Ego' is hard to define, but it makes you think about how others percieve you and makes you conform to their expectations, this is not neccisarily a bad thing! It helps people understand you, it makes you wait until you trust someone before letting them know everything about you.
But it is also responsible for paranioa, false behaviors,bravado etc.

An Egoist person is lazy and selfish.

And Egomaniac is someone who is ruled by ego,but it usually describes someone who has real pride and not just feigned pride.

I consider big ego and egomania just annoying personality traits that I will accept as a part of the person.