Saturday, January 10, 2009

Revolutionary Man - 5 Strategies to Manning Up in ‘09

A nice post from Jayson at Revolutionary Man on how to be a better and more mature man in 2009.

5 Strategies to Man Up in ‘09


2009 is the year to Man Up to your vision and goals. But how? Let’s say you have a big dream and big plans for this year. But you often lack follow through or fail to achieve your goals. By now, a few days in to 09, you should be able to gauge if you’re being realistic with your goals.

Here are 5 key strategies to not backing down from your new year’s goals.

Step 1. Get honest.

Step 2. Have a clear vision and be relentless about it.

Step 3. Micro-goals.

Step 4. Accountability.

Step 5. Reward yourself.
You'll have to go read his original post to get the low-down on each of these suggestions.

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