Monday, February 23, 2009

Resisting The Urge: A Guide For Christian Boys

A little humor for a Monday morning - hat tip to Jesus' General for the link.
Eternal purity requires eternal vigilance against the devil's hand. Here are some practical tips to keep you from "playing with your Genesis."

OK, seriously. I was told I would grow hair on my palms, go blind, break it, and God knows what else. Boys are often made to feel ashamed of their bodies, their natural curiosity, and the sex drive that is as natural as breathing. What a load of shit.

I was raised Catholic, and fortunately for me, my father told me to ignore the shit I heard in Church and from the nuns. He never shamed me for taking my sex education into my own hands, so to speak.

My guess is that the fundamentalists, who hate the "sinful" body, are even worse in their sons. But there is nothing sinful about the body, and in fact, the body is our vehicle to salvation, or in Buddhist terms, enlightenment. Without the body and all its energies, we would cease to exist.

My hope is that kids growing up today are not raised with the same sense of shame that my generation was.

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Anonymous said...

Christians need to stop divorcing and seperating mind/body/spirit-it would go a long way to making this world a much better place, individually and collectively.