Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MENding Monologues

Inspired by Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, The MENding Monologues is an all-male performance group confronting issues related to contemporary masculinity.

Stories to mend & end violence, as told by Men

The MENding Monologues is an all-male performance group inspired by Eve Ensler’s annual V-Day production of The Vagina Monologues. Our show is a love letter to women, a healing for men, and a call to end violence in all its forms.

Through courageous personal monologues, poems and comedic sketches, we take our audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride through relationships, gender wounds and abuse issues to arrive at a place of peace, understanding and healing. We donate a portion of every show’s proceeds to women shelters in the communities who host us.

Please watch a few samples of what we do:

The Letter

Dr. Vaginski

For Linda

Bath Love


Derek Dujardin is the director and producer of The MENding Monologues. Derek is active in empowering men to become better husbands, fathers and leaders through the transformative power of authenticity. When he isn’t inspiring healing through this work, he is an advertising creative director, sketch comedy writer, and improv performer. His pieces include For Linda, Tantra and R U My 2:15?

Brad Luky is the assistant director, producer and stage manager for the MENding Monologues. When Brad isn’t running his construction company, he is an avid dancer, actor and improv performer with too many artistic credits to mention here. As a founding member of the MENding monologs he brings twenty years of stage, film and dance experience to entertain a wide variety of audiences. His pieces include, I Never Heard I Love and Dr. Vaginski.

Bill Krieger has three children and is married to his wife Dotti. The children are all grown and nesting on their own. His vocation is teaching and his avocation is storytelling through the written word, the spoken word, the illustrated words of drawing and the ever elusive non-verbal ‘words’ of heart. Bill's pieces include The Letter and A Valentine for Dotti.

Tom Puetz is a Sedona Resident and graduate of Northern Arizona University. He is a member of the improv group “Abandoned Minds”. Tom has also performed standup comedy, acted in independent films and his currently working on his first novel based his experiences in the Vietnam war. When his work is done Tom likes to write poetry and go sailing. His pieces include Rites of Passage and Small, Quiet Voice.

Tyrus Watson is one of the founding members of The MENding Monologues, actively writing and performing pieces for the show. He is deeply devoted to men’s work and personal transformation and he has staffed or participating in more than 40 self-development seminars in the past several years. Having overcome chronic fatigue syndrome himself, Tyrus has become a strong advocate for health and nutrition, and is currently developing a seminar to help those with health challenges to restore their vitality through enlighten diets and exercise. Tyrus performs in Red Wine and Bath Love.

Michael Leibowitz is a poet, drummer, writer and DJ. Once again, he is happy to be a contributing member of The MENding Monologues. He wrote and perform Lips.

Here is a clip, The Letter, by Bill Krieger.
Performed at The MENding Monologues (www.themending.org) 2006 in Sedona, AZ. It is a letter written by father to his daughter to be read upon his death, and it dramatically describes the far reaching effects that sexual abuse can have on a family and a father.

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