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INTEGRAL WARRIORS: The path of the Shamanic Priest and Embodying the New Masculine

My online friend Gary Stamper has created a workshop combing his interests in shamanism, integral theory, and mature masculinity. Looks interesting. In the parlance of Spiral Dynamics, Gary is combining values from a variety of worldviews, from the tribal through to the post-modern, an approach that is likely to challenge some men, but in a way that could be very useful. Contact info is included below.
INTEGRAL WARRIORS: The path of the Shamanic Priest and Embodying the New Masculine

Here's a brief synopsis of some of what we'll be doing in the workshop series that takes place over several months. I've also added in elements of Integral Theory, developmental psychology, and elements of David Deida's work, for what others have called "a fully integrated approach to the new masculine."

The most important session is the Introductory weekend taking place late this month in Vancouver. It is an overview of the full process so men can determine whether to commit to the following three sessions, or not. Admittedly, this is not for everyone.

The Shamanic Priest Process is a committed program structured to deeply explore the archetypal forces within the psyches of all men. Our weekends are designed to activate and empower the Shaman within and to reclaim the masculine, not as Patriarch (Power Over) or overly feminized (Power Under), but as the Shamanic Priest (Power Within). We will use the Shamanic Breathwork (tm) Process, ritual, vision questing and group work to embrace each initiation.

The Five Initiations are:

Initiation #1 - Death of the Old King - Three stages of masculinity. How is the patriarchy affecting your life? What are you willing to let die? Birthing the New Masculine.

Initiation #2 - The New Spiritual Warrior - Claiming your fierceness. Standing firm for what you believe is right. What is your mission?

Initiation #3 - Finding Your Inner Beloved - Integrating the shadow side of love. Reclaiming your power. Understanding anima.

Initiation #4 - Deep Leadership - The Tyrant and the True Leader. Leading with integrity. The Soverign Principle.

Initiation #5 - Embodying the Shamanic Priest - A body-felt experience of the Divine. Accepting the mantle of spiritual leadership. Creating and holding sacred space.

Men of vision are being called to go through their own inner healing and to shepherd the planet through this time of transformation. If you have heard the call, come join us in the search for the New Masculine (from

About Gary

Gary is an ordained Shamanic Minister in the lineage the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, west of Asheville, North Carolina, and a Shamanic Priest. Gary is also a Certified Pastoral Counselor and is becoming a Certified Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator and has a degree in graphic design and Illustration.

He has been a pioneer in the Integral Salon movement, having co-founded and led SeattleIntegral, one of the largest integral salons in the world and a model for other salons around the world. Gary is also a member of the integral leadership Salon, an international consortium of salon leaders, and has a certificate in “Generating Transformative Change in Human Systems” from Seattle’s Pacific Integral.

Gary is also the founder and facilitator of the men’s workshop series “Integral Warriors” and co-founder and co-facilitator of the relationship workshop “Discovering Your Sacred Purpose as a Couple” with his Beloved, Priestess Anyaa McAndrew. His passions include creating community and sharing with others how to embody Integral and Shamanic consciousness.

For more information, contact Ken Rushworth, or at (604) 885-6688 0r (604) 828-5369.

Contact Gary at: or phone: (206) 779-5870

Introductory weekend cost $278.00, with no obligation to continue.
Regular Tuition: $557.00 per 4-day session, available room & board not included. This is a committed series and when you register you commit attending all 3 sessions.
Deposit/Registration fee is $150, non-refundable, and applies toward tuition.
Pre-registration is required. Space is limited.

Recommended reading:
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover - Moore & Gillette
The Way of the Superior Man - David deida
The Hero's Journey - Joseph Campbell

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very nice plug, Bill. I can't believe I'm starting the workshop in Vancouver in 5 days, and am "praying" for enough men to make it work. Now that the house is finally finished (well we've moved in), I hope to get back to reading and blogging, particularly around the men's and couples' work, and more on Integral Shamanism.