Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Justice Marshall - Creating Your Ideal Relationship - without Counseling, Conflict, or Compromise!

Justice Marshall talks about his Hero Principles on Web Talk Radio with Sarah, host of the relationship show.
Creating Your Ideal Relationship - without Counseling, Conflict, or Compromise!

As we have mentioned several times on our show, most men do not respond to traditional counseling when it comes to resolving relationship issues. From the nature of the verbal exploration of relationship issues to the ambiance in most therapists’ offices, men typically shut down in the process instead of opening up. Justice Marshall, our guest today, has discovered a simple, direct, bottom line approach to assist men to own their power in their marriages in order to become leaders making a difference for their families.

Justice’s approach is beneficial for women too. He refers to the Hero principle in men and the woman’s natural goddess nature. It is yummy (Sarah’s term) and bottom line focused (Joseph’s term), giving you inspiration and tools that can benefit men and women in today’s world! Tune in and find out more.

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Adolf said...

Thanks Justice for these professional insights.

I believe men respond less to counselling than women do because traditionally women tend to take relationship matters more seriously than men do.

Therefore women are more likely to consider worthwhile any counselling that improves their ability to cope with relationships.

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Good luck to your readers in their search for relationship wisdom.

I like you all. I care deeply about you.