Friday, July 17, 2009

Tripp Lanier - Do this today and feel better about your life. Seriously.

Great post from Tripp.

Do this today and feel better about your life. Seriously.

I just answered an email to someone asking about how to accept praise and deal with the nagging feeling of “I’m not enough.” Good thing is that I’ve got some experience with these goblins. :-)

Here was my response:

There's a "law" that says, what you focus on grows. Right now, I'm imagining that you're focusing on one side of the story and in your world it eclipses what is positive.

Good news, is that you can actually train yourself to shift that and ultimately feel fulfilled and satisfied.

You just gotta pull your head out of your ass. :-)

Here's some tips I've used to own my value and feel satisfied:

EVERYDAY take five minutes to sit down and shut the fuck up. Make a mental list of all the things that are going well and are benefiting you (and others).

I usually use a sentence-stem like "I'm grateful for..." and just fill in the blank. Sometimes it is big (the latest NM episode that rocked) sometimes it is small (the ice cream cone after lunch).

When I started doing this it was challenging to find things to be grateful for. I had trained myself to only see "what is not enough".

This is a practice. Do it daily. I now find that I can sit there and go on and on and on for the things that make my life amazing.

Next, ask yourself, "What did I do to facilitate that positive event/thing?" Whatever it is, big or small, own your part.

Just like taking radical responsibility for when the shit hits the fan in life, take responsibility for the good stuff. For me it could be, "I'm grateful that Joel Harper was on The New Man. I was curious about his work so I emailed his publicist and asked if he would be on the show."

It doesn't have to be monumental. Nonetheless own your thoughts/actions and SEE that you are RESPONSIBLE.

You get extra points if you do this before you go to sleep at night, too.

There's also a this website which has a ton of easy practices to do. I highly recommend it.

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