Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bodytribe Fitness - GPP Combos

I posted about General Physical Preparedness (GPP) here a while back, but we can always use more information and/or ideas. Bodytribe Fitness (a site referred to me by my Facebook friend, Amanda Holland) has a great collection of GPP workouts.

Bertand Russell is a personal favorite (a lot of these are named after philosophers - how cool is that?)

GPP Combo Collection


The Incomplete List of Combo Ideas


logo-jpeg.jpg Crap Thunder

Goodmornings/farmer’s walk. Heavy, especially the farmer’s walk. 3 sets, 6-10 reps/100 feet.

logo-jpeg.jpg Thomas Aquinas

Sandbag clean and throw/squat hops. Clean and throw the bag across the gym and back (120 feet) then squat hop in a full circle around the gym (140 feet). What’s a squat hop? Squat down and stay low as you hop forward. A couple sets of this and you’ll be done, but keep the rest short between sets.

logo-jpeg.jpgDan John 1

One bar. deadlift. hang clean. front squat. overhead press. goodmorning. One into the next. In fact the first four movements really flow well into each other. Then just lower the bar behind the neck after the press (which can be push or jerk style) for the goodmorning. Bring the bar back to the beginning and do it again.
How many times in 10 minutes?

logo-jpeg.jpg Dan John 2

Power clean/press/back squat. This one was from Allyson, but it might make Steve Justa proud. Make the bar heavy enough to scare you a little on the overhead portion, especially having to swap the bar from front to back, and vice versa. Get to 30 reps, even if it means repeated sets of singles or doubles.

logo-jpeg.jpg Thomas Hobbes

Pick up and squat either a heavy sandbag or heavy punching bag, squat it 5 times then carry it 100+ feet.
Sprint 100 feet as fast as possible
10 heavy KB swings
jog 100 feet

Repeat as many times as possible for 5 minutes (or more)

logo-jpeg.jpg Kill Me Now

Pushups rows/burpees(with the DB’s)/push press
5 sets of 5 reps for time (get your stopwatch).

logo-jpeg.jpg Plato

KB Turkish Get Ups (6)
KB Clean/press/windmill (6)
heavy sandbag lift and carry. 2 100ft laps, dropping it at the beginning of each lap.

3 times. How fast?

logo-jpeg.jpg Fichte

One barbell, 5 movements.

Stick one end of the barbell in the corner, then crank out 3 rounds of the following:

Buelers (8)
Overhead squats. Holding the end of the bar in one hand and squatting (8)
Zotts Press. Stay squatted and press the bar (8)
Bent Over Row. (8)
Russian Twists (8)

logo-jpeg.jpg Brick Don’t Hit Back

Squat hops/burpees. 5 squat hops, 5 burpees, 5 times.

logo-jpeg.jpg George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

one-arm snatches (30 seconds)
farmer’s walk (100 feet)
club rockets (30 seconds)
farmer’s walk (100 feet)
band wood chops (30 seconds)
farmer’s walk (100 feet)
band twists (30 seconds)
farmer’s walk (100 feet)

4 rounds.

logo-jpeg.jpg Judith Butler

Lunge Buelers (6 per side)
Farmer’s Walk (100+ feet)
Sandbag Getup and carry (bodyweight bag weight, if possible, carry 100 feet)

3 rounds for time.

logo-jpeg.jpg Arrrgghh

30 seconds of burpees/30 seconds of planks non-stop for several minutes.

5 minutes = bold
10 minutes = delicious

logo-jpeg.jpg Grumble and Bitch

Heavy KB swings for 6-10 reps/15 jump squats/sled pull (backwards sled dragging), really heavy for about 100 feet. 4 sets for time.

logo-jpeg.jpg David Lee Roth

Sandbag burpees/cleans/presses. 30 reps for time.

logo-jpeg.jpg Bertrand Russell

with one pair of dumbbells…

bent over rows: 6
Swings (with both DBs): 6
squat press: 6
burpees (with DBs): 6

6 times. Time it.

Go see the whole list.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this! There are so many fun ways to move!

Lots of these combos are featured on video on the BodyTribe youtube page.

william harryman said...

my pleasure - I do a lot of these instead of traditional cardio :)