Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Forum - Against gender apartheid

Interesting collection of links from Book Forum, all of them dealing in some way with men, masculinity, and gender roles.

Against gender apartheid

From The Advocate, designer John Bartlett’s infatuation with all things masculine thrilled New Yorkers beginning in the ’90s; now he’s taking it to the masses. From Salvo, an look at the media's attack on masculinity. Harry Potter is emasculating America: When did our next generation of superhuman studs become spayed and neutered? Every day is man day: Matt Labash is a man. Sorry, men, but the writing’s on the wall, right above the urinal: The world no longer needs you. From Double X, here's a dandy’s guide to girl-watching: Checking out girls in shorts, tastefully. A look at why young single men are more xenophobic and more young women travel abroad. Skipping spouse to spouse isn’t just a man’s game. There’s no such thing as misogyny — at least not in our media, even after an awful shooting in Pittsburgh. Satoshi Kanazawa is just so cute when he rails against feminists.

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