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Revolutionary Man - Can Feeling Too Much Shut You Down? (Guest Post)

Nice post from Michael Murray guest blogging over at The Revolutionary Man.

Can Feeling Too Much, Shut You Down? (Guest Post)

Wed, Dec 2, 2009

Michael Murray of Ride with a Purpose

Michael Murray of Ride with a Purpose

This is the first in a series of “guest posts” RM will be sharing. If you have an important story or experience that may benefit other men, ping me and I’ll consider posting it for all to read.

This post is written by my friend Michael. He posted it on his Facebook profile as a “note.” It caught my attention because he really puts himself out there and I think you can learn from how he worked with his “shut down.”

I’ve known Michael for over 2 years now. In 2007, I was facilitating the Red Pill weekend with Ray Brejcha, Bryan Bayer and the crew.

On day two of the workshop, Michael looked as though he had been hit by a truck and just come out of a long trance he had been in. With tears streaming down his face, he now saw what was now possible for him. It was an unforgettable moment.

And now 2 years later, the guy is blasting with life force and really going for it in his life.

Really notice how he observes himself and the tools and resources he utilizes in the below post.

And please……..Do try this at home and read a related post on how to feel your feelings.

Here’s Michael’s post…

Can feeling too much shut you down?

It can for me.

But lately the recovery-time for me to notice this about myself, and the steps I take to get back into the moment, seem shorter – the lack of feeling is now much more temporary and fleeting, compared to my past.

What gets me there? What brings me to this place of non-feeling?

Fear, likely. Fear of feeling.

But when I step into the fear, notice it, accept it, embrace it – it has much less of a hold on me. It’s just a state of being, and a very temporary one at that.

When I avoid feeling, I loose out on so much. By not feeling the bad, I also prevent feeling the good.

Post-holiday blues got the best of me this weekend. Part of the reason for my shutting down. I had a great Thanksgiving day with close friends, filled with love, delicious food, wine, dancing, deep conversations about life – mixed in with some drama, some sexiness, and some play. All good.

And now, days later, in spite of all the good, I found myself missing my family back east. Although those conversations lack the depth that I crave, my family is filled with love and New England traditions – quirkiness and distance, but ultimately filled with love. I am fortunate.

More emotions surfacing.

Read the whole post.

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