Monday, February 8, 2010

Where Men Stand in the Culture - Super Bowl Ads 2010

A few of the ads in the Super Bowl this year revealed a snap shot of where men stand in the culture right now. it ain't good. In fact, judging by most of the commercials, even the ones not directly about being a man, we are nation of male morons.

Take this ad from FloTV - the dude is a wuss.

Of this one for the Dodge Charger:

Or this lames ass Bridge Stone tire ad, called Bachelor Party:

However, it isn't all bad. This Dove for Men ad aims to do for men what the "natural women" ads did a few years back for females.

However, I actually liked this sappy Google ad, called Parisian Love. It seemed creative and subtle - no voices.

Finally, this rejected ad from the ManCrunch dating site was actually funny - too bad they rejected it.

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