Monday, May 10, 2010

Emasculating the Male

An all-female team of producers & directors created this documentary which examines the changing traditional family and gender roles at home and work. This is a British documentary, but much the same issues are present in the US.

Their premise is that as these traditional gender roles have changed, with women gaining more power in the social structure while still maintaining the control of the family domain, men have been effectively emasculated. They have lost their traditional identities as bread winners, head of the family, and other more traditional masculine roles.

I think there is some truth to this. However, blaming women - which is what a lot of men have been doing by hating feminism - is missing the point.

Men have simply failed to adapt to the changes as they have been happening, and they have failed to make their case for being essential to their children's lives. Certainly, there has been a strong push by the more radical feminists to dismantle male power, but these are a small minority of actual feminists.

My question: Where have the men been over the last 50 years as this has been happening? Have they had their heads in the sand?

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