Sunday, May 16, 2010

(Webinar) This Emotional Life: Arguing for Intimacy: How to Fight Fair and Feel Closer

This is a cool "webinar" from PBS, associated with the This Emotional Life series.

Both men and women can benefit from learning how to argue/fight fairly. We need to be able to fight fairly in relationships - the couple who does not fight is doomed.

In my opinion, learning to argue from a place a compassion is the key to a healthy fighting, which means never forgetting that the person you are arguing with is the person you love, not the enemy.
On March 31, 2010, This Emotional Life hosted a relationship webinar featuring Dr. Amador, an internationally sought-after speaker and relationship expert who has over 25 years experience working with adults, families, and couples. Topics include: learning how arguments can be healthy and bring your relationships closer, recognizing whether you have bad arguing habits and how to break them and learning how to argue to get what you need, whether with a loved one, a boss, employee or even a stranger."

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