Friday, October 8, 2010

Tom Matlack - 20 Ways To Boost Your Male Friendships

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20 Ways To Boost Your Male Friendships

Tom Matlack - Former venture capitalist turned writer
Posted: October 8, 2010

Tom Matlack asked guys what makes them feel connected to other men. The good news? Not a single man said "chest bumps."

One of the reasons we started The Good Men Project was to help guys talk about the things they don't normally talk about. In that pursuit, here are men talking (in print, for the world to see) about what makes them feel most connected to other men. Guys, there may be hope for us yet ...

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Men prefer not to call it "male bonding." We can't call it "man time" either, because that just sounds ... questionable. Either way, it's usually something involving little-to-no speech and a good amount of physical exertion. Your mind might immediately go to sports, but I'd say lumberjacking or drinking. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. Oddly enough, the guy friends I still have today are the ones I used to go behind my house with so we could shoot each other with air-soft pistols at close range. The friends that bleed together stay together. --Daniel, writer
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