Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bookforum - Behind sex differences

Each weekday, Bookforum editors assemble several collections of themed links to recent and not so recent articles, essays, posts, and other fun stuff. Yesterday, one of the collections was on sex differences.

I am NOT promoting any of these as something I agree with, necessarily, just offering them up as an example of what is happening around the Web.


Christie Hartley (Georgia State) and Lori Watson (USD): Is a Feminist Political Liberalism Possible? Women in the Netherlands work less, have lesser titles and a big gender pay gap, and they love it. An interview with Peter McAllister, author of Manthropology: The Science of Why the Modern Male Is Not the Man He Used to Be. A review of Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences by Cordelia Fine. In her Big Think interview, Gloria Steinem sets the record straight about the oft-demonized feminist movement. The Christian Men’s Network will be putting on a conference designed to serve as “a radical revolution calling men to a higher standard of masculinity”. A review of Looking for a Few Good Males: Female Choice in Evolutionary Biology by Erika Lorraine Milam. Women like Sarah Palin are calling themselves "housewives" — what does the term mean? Tabloid Feminist: Antidiscrimination icon Gloria Allred finds a new frontier in trash culture. Let’s rethink masculinity: Real men should be more than breadwinners. A review of Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences by Rebecca M. Jordan-Young (and more and more). The latest issue of Wired magazine is sparking heated controversy because of its cover, which show a woman's breasts — and nothing else. From Sargent's Madame X to Michelle Obama, capturing powerful women is always a complex task. From Lad to 4D man: A look at the ever-changing face of modern masculinity. New data is undermining the evidence that has long been proposed to support the eager males/choosy females paradigm. According to the old maxim, a woman’s work is never done — it certainly never counts, a least not by the economic formulae that figure out the wealth of a nation. Paula Lupkin on her book Manhood Factories: YMCA Architecture and the Making of Modern Urban Culture. The rise of women boxers: Why so many women are taking up a controversial sport.

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