Friday, December 17, 2010

The Good Men Project - The Top 10 Good Men of 2010

Nice list - I'm especially glad to see Dan Savage on the list. His work this year with the It Gets Better Project was nothing less than inspirational for a lot of people, especially the young people whose lives may be saved.

I didn't know their number one choice, but he is awesome - very happy to see someone devoted to educated get some recognition.

#1: Geoffrey Canada

“Our entire public education system needs radical and immediate improvement. We must tackle the challenge of improving traditional public schools, where the overwhelming majority of children are.”

Great list. These are all good men. And I am also glad to see Gates and Buffett on the list.

The Top 10 Good Men of 2010

In 2010, we saw challenges that required a fool’s readiness to undertake Sisyphean tasks. We faced the biggest oil spill in our country’s history, the grim prospect that our jobs weren’t coming back (at least not for a while), and a cantankerous political climate that stifled progress.

Which is why for this, our inaugural Good Men of the Year list, we’re not celebrating memorable personalities, newly minted pop-culture icons, or 15-minute men. This was a year of unprecedented challenges, and it cried out for good men.

Men who inspired us to do better.

Men who wouldn’t settle for incremental improvements—and who were willing to make sacrifices for bona fide progress.

Men who embraced failure as a necessary ingredient in their success.

Men who would rather be called an asshole than ineffectual.

This year, it wasn’t just our ideas that mattered, but how we shared them. Our networks—from an online community of innovators, to educators on neglected blocks in Harlem, to a civilization 2,000 feet underground—became catalysts for change.

We learned that the smallest germ of an idea could grow contagious and develop into a viral phenomenon. So we rolled up our sleeves, opened our computers, and started to think.

What follows are just 10 of the many men who made their world a better place in 2010. So tell us: who would be on your top 10 list?


The Top 10 Good Men of 2010

10) Josh Hamilton

9) Chris Christie

8 ) The Chilean Miners

7) Mick Foley

6) David Beckmann

5) Barack Obama

4) The Billionaires Who Pledged Their Fortunes

3) Dan Savage

2) Chris Anderson

1) Geoffrey Canada


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