Thursday, December 16, 2010

Documentary: The Jaundiced Eye

This film shows what can happen when homophobia and misandry combine to destroy a man's life. When we can sentence a man to 35 years in prison because of an accusation of sexual molestation from an ex-girlfriend (hello, revenge?) with no evidence, our legal system is seriously flawed.
The Jaundiced Eye

(2000) 89 min

This harrowing documentary chronicles the decade long trials and emotional traumas incurred by a gay Michigan man, Stephen Matthews who was wrongfully accused, by his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, of molesting his son. Despite no physical evidence, Stephen was sentenced to 35 years in jail. A chlamydia test which swayed the jury, was later revealed by the CDC to give false positives. When released, Stephen remained a haunted man due to societies legal labyrinths and vendettas provoked by his sexual orientation.
Here is a preview - watch the full film (in high def) at Snag Films.

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