Saturday, March 12, 2011

BookForum - A Whole Lotta Links About Men

In yesterday's collection of link round-ups, BookForum assembled a collection of recent articles about men - some good, some so-so, and some awful. But at least they are paying attention. They post these as one solid paragraph, but I'm breaking this one down to its individual links so that I can add some comments here and there - my comments are in red, in case that's not painfully obvious.

Nancy Levit (Missouri), Nancy Elizabeth Dowd (Florida) and Ann McGinley (UNLV): Feminist Legal Theory Meets Masculinities Theory. -- Had not seen this one - seems interesting.

Solange Mouthaan (Warwick): International Law and Sexual Violence Against Men.

Steven F. Shatz (USF) and Naomi R. Shatz (NYCLU): Chivalry is Not Dead: Murder, Gender, and the Death Penalty.

The Study of Man (or Males): An academic movement raises questions about what it means to be a man, and how to save him. -- This is from January, a look at the new anti-woman field of male studies.

An interview with Peter McAllister, author of Manthropology: The Science of Why the Modern Male Is Not the Man He Used to Be. -- In my opinion, this is an interesting, though highly flawed book. What's up with evolutionary psychology? And why does everyone in the press give them so much coverage?

Where have the good men gone? Kay S. Hymowitz argues that too many men in their 20s are living in a new kind of extended adolescence (and a response). -- I covered this here - her argument is crap. She wants young men to settle down, get married and start a family - that's her conservative, hetero-centric solution. The reality is that many young men do not see ANY reason to stop playing video games and having "friends with benefits" - why would they?

Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don't "act like a man".

From the Good Men Project, a blogger roundtable on the Art of Manliness; and Katie Baker on a good man’s guide to catcalling.

Is there anything good about men? Roy F. Baumeister reveals the “reality of the male sex drive.” -- Baumeister takes a biological essentialist view of men - but we are more than our biology Roy, and while evolution shaped us for the better part of our history, we now are in a position to shape our own evolution. Please, try to keep up.

Why do we vilify male sexuality? Three myths about men and sex debunked. -- The best part of this very good article is the refutation of the testosterone = aggression nonsense perpetuated by feminists over the past 40 years or so.

Tana Ganeva on the anti-male, anti-sex falsehoods that rule discussions about porn and sexuality. -- Not sure what I think of this partial defense of porn.

Do real men like to cuddle? Dave Johns wants to know. -- Uh? Yeah!!

Real men don’t eat very berry cheesecake: Manly preferences take their toll. -- This is from the end of last year, a look at the fact that men will not like some things if the gender norm is against it - pretty damn silly if you ask me - very very cheesecake rocks!

Science tells us that men’s brains are different from women’s — but that doesn’t mean we should not be equal. -- An article by Simon Baron-Cohen - mostly summary, no real new info.


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