Monday, March 5, 2012

Buddhist Geeks 249: Strengthening the Body-Mind w/ Rob McNamara

I've been a fan of Rob McNamara's work for a few years now - a couple of the earliest posts on this blog were quotes from him.  I was very pleased to see that he finally has a book out, Strength To Awaken, An Integral Guide to Strength Training, Performance and Spiritual Practice for Men and Women. In this episode of the Buddhist Geeks podcast, Rob talks about his new book and explains how inner strength and outer strength are interconnected so that working with weights can inform our affect regulation and our meditative practice.

BG 249: Strengthening the Body-Mind

BG 249: Strengthening the Body-Mind by Rob McNamara


Episode Description

Rob McNamara is a psychology professor, zen practitioner, and strength trainer who works at the intersection of strength training and contemplative practice. In this episode McNamara explains how his experiences in the gym helped him understand the purpose of meditation, and how both inner and outer strength are deeply intertwined. He describes how strength training can stretch both the upper and lower boundaries of the ego, helping us learn how to not check out when things get uncomfortable, nor space out when we have an opportunity to relax deeply and let go.

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Here is a little more background on Rob:
Rob McNamara is Author of Strength to Awaken, a skilled Psychotherapist, leading Performance Coach, Psychology Professor at Naropa University and an Integral Zen Practitioner. He runs his private practice in Boulder Colorado serving a broad range of executives and professionals, undergraduate and graduate students and athletes ranging from high school to Olympic and professional world champions. Rob has been lecturing on Integral Psychology and Human Development at Naropa University for nearly a decade for both graduate and undergraduate students in a number of academic and professional programs including the MA Transpersonal and Contemplative Psychology programs and BA Contemplative Psychology program. Currently Rob co-teaches Therapeutic Applications of Human Development and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on Transpersonal Psychology and undergraduate courses on Integral and Developmental Psychology. He also serves as the faculty advisor for Integral Naropa. Rob has contributed to the Integral movement over the past decade as a leading integral practitioner. While working with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute he served as one of the core faculty for the Integral Life Practice seminar series. Rob has contributed to Integral Life, taught at Boulder Integral and is currently a faculty member of the Integral Spiritual Experience. Rob’s expertise includes the intersection of integral practice, human performance and integral strength training. Contributions in the business sector include the Stagen Leadership Institute where Rob developed and deployed integrally informed executive curriculum for senior executives and launched corporate wellness initiatives. Rob also served as the Senior Integral Consultant and Human Performance Specialist for Phillips Performance Nutrition. Rob McNamara received his Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Susquehanna University.

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