Thursday, March 8, 2012

Levni Yilmaz - How to Be a Man?

The Good Men Project posted this short little video - Levni Yilmaz (Tales of Mere Existence) examines his experience with being a man. He feels torn between the various possibilities and the traditional models for men. I think his experience mirrors that of many men who have taken time to think about this topic.

Video: “How To Be A Man?” Tales Of Mere Existence

Artist Levni Yilmaz asks “Does anyone else think it’s a confusing time to be a man?”

In this video, artist Levni Yilmaz talks about how what he thought being a man was supposed to be like as as a kid, and how it is completely different than his experience as an adult.

Gender roles are changing, women are more equal, and masculinity isn’t as simple as hunting + beer + cool car or being Don Draper. Yilmaz is mostly happy about this, but the question “What is a man?” with its shifting, fluid definition is becoming harder and harder to answer.

What do you think? Does Levni Yilmaz’s video resonate with you? Is “manhood” different from what you understood it to be when you were younger? How has your view changed?

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