Monday, April 9, 2012

Geoff Laughton on A New Conversation with Men - Should Men Participate In Inner Child Work?

"Inner child work" sounds very unmanly and way too touchie-feelie for most men, yet there is a lot of benefit in doing this kind of therapy (with a qualified therapist) for healing attachment wounds and childhood traumas.

In last week's A New Conversation with Men, Coach Michael Taylor spoke with Geoff Laughton about inner child work for men. There are too many men with childhood trauma, both big T traumas (abuse, neglect, incest, etc) and small t traumas (broken bones, accidents, bullying, teasing, etc) who live with these traumas and are not aware of how they shape and impact their lives. Inner child work can help to heal those wounds and reduce their symptoms.

Should Men Participate In Inner Child Work?

by Coach Michael Taylor

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Does childhood trauma have an effect on a man's behavior in his grownup years?

Is it possible that the childhood trauma is making it difficult for men to create and maintain intimate relationships 20-30 years later?

Can men heal those childhood wounds and learn to become genuinely happy with their lives?

These questions and more will be answered in this empowering educational interview.

Join Coach Michael Taylor as he speaks with Geoff Laughton about Inner Child Work and how it can support men in dealing with letting go of the past and finding peace in the present moment.

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