Monday, May 21, 2012

TEDxXavierUniversity - Sherman Bradley - Relational Justice

Sherman Bradley brings his own family experience to introduce the topic of relational justice - a shift of perspective around crime and poverty as relational (between people) and not institutional (between the person and the state). Here is a definition of relational justice from Nicola Baker and Jonathan Burnside:
Relational justice is a fresh vision of what doing justice means in a society where relationships are being undermined and undervalued. It turns the spotlight on one of the goals of justice which is to restore and repair human relationships damaged by crime.
 Bradley brings these ideas to healing poverty and helping men without hope through his organization, Consider the Poor, a project of the City Gospel Mission. Consider the Poor educates the public about the dynamics of poverty and homelessness and encourages dialogue about these critical issues. By bringing people together for training and discussion, Consider the Poor inspires men and women to advocate for the poor and create grassroots change in their communities.

Sherman Bradley's Understanding Poverty Workshop 

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TEDxXavierUniversity - Sherman Bradley - Relational Justice
This former US air force sargent, has made it is his life's mission to empower formerly incarcerated, addicted, disenfranchised and homeless men. What he discovered is a new way of looking at... one another.

Sherman Bradley is innovating the way we serve with an entirely new approach.

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