Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kim Un-Guk (136 lbs) Lifts Combined 719 lbs to Win Olympic Gold Medal

North Korea's Kim Un-Guk set a new overall world record in the Men's 62kg (136 lbs) Olympic Final at the London 2012 Olympics. He got a combined weight of 327kg (719.4 lbs), beating the previous record of 326kg set by China's Zhang Jie.

Both lifts are more than twice his body weight, and the clean and jerk is nearly 3x his body weight. Seriously impressive. 

Snatch: 153kg (336.6 lbs) (Olympic Record, equalling world record)
Clean and Jerk: 174kg (382.8 lbs)
Combined: 327kg (World record) (719.4 lbs)

Snatch: Olympic record/matching world record:

Clean and Jerk (best video I could find):

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