Monday, August 27, 2012

Male eXperience - 10 Powerful Blogs for Men to Learn and Grow From

My friend Graham Phoenix, who hosts the excellent Male eXperience blog, recently offered up a selection of ten blogs he recommends for men who want to grow and evolve. Kindly, he included The Masculine Heart among his ten selections, for which I extend my gratitude.

 It's a cool list that expands beyond purely male issues.

10 Powerful Blogs For Men To Learn and Grow By 

I constantly keep an eye out for other men blogging for men. I don’t often see anything that’s helpful or useful.

I realised that if I have problems finding good sites then I am sure men looking for help will almost find it impossible to find them.

Googling just brings up all the websites for men that skirt round any serious issues or focus on a narrow political point. The problem is that there are so many websites for men that it’s almost impossible to work out what’s useful.

I’ve complained before that what you find is either single issue sites, christian, gay, black, dating, MRA, feminist … commercial sites selling toys, watches, leather bags … or style sites for clothing, shaving …


I started by wanting compile a list of 20 blogs, but I just couldn’t find them. So I opened out my view and realised that men are far more interested in life in general not just men’s issues.

I have, therefore compiled a list of 10 powerful blogs for men that look at all aspects of a man’s life. Ultimately the core issue in these sites is that they provide learning and growth for men.

Men read them , regularly, and feel their power.
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