Tuesday, February 12, 2013

F**k Valentine's Day

It's that special time of year again, when Hallmark, diamond sellers, rose growers, and chocolate makers see nothing but dollar signs at the prospect of millions of men trying to show the person they love that they care enough to buy the very best. Men are groomed from a very young age (as are women) to see Valentine's Day as a "better show up" holiday.

F**k that.

VD is a made up holiday designed to sell stuff, mostly to men. And we buy into the scheme. Why? Social pressure, media pressure, and all kinds of other not at all subtle messages that tell us, "This is what god guys do. And you want to be a good guy, right?"


What good guys actually do is show the person they love that they are special and appreciated all year, not on one made-up holiday. It doesn't mean buying stuff either. It can be as simple as kissing your beloved on the back of the neck while the coffee is brewing. Or just stopping in the middle of cooking dinner or walking across the room just to give a long hug.

My guess is that small acts like this, done all year long, will beat the hell out of the commercialism and materialism we call VD.

If you need some more reasons why VD sucks, check out this post from the Good Men Project.

10 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Sucks: An Emily Hartridge Original Video

Some people really love Valentine’s Day. This video is not for you. 
And don’t forget our standard disclaimer copy: Emily’s videos are for entertainment only. Do not try this at home.

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