Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gender Roles and the Persistence of Pro-Male Gender Bias

This collection of links comes from Bookforum's Omnivore blog. One of the articles looks at the influence of Hanna Rosin's End of Men article and book, which has become old and tired. But another one, which is both brief and disturbing, looks at the persistence of pro-male gender bias.

Gender Roles

MAY 27 2013

  • Kara W. Swanson (Northeastern): The End of Men, Again
  • A marriage mystery: Why aren't more wives out-earning their husbands
  • Man-pleasing and feminism: How much is too much when it comes to “dressing for him”?
  • From The Atlantic Monthly, Benjamin Schwarz on the rise and fall of charm in American men: Few possess it, and few want to — explaining men's ambivalent relationship with an amoral virtue; and Karen vs. Kevin: Nicole Allan on the persistence of pro-male gender bias
  • Unexcited? There may be a pill for that: Daniel Bergner on the pharmaceutical quest to give women a better sex life (and more and more). 
  • Don't “shrink it and pink it” if you want to appeal to women: Emma Sinclair reviews The Daring Book for Boys in Business by Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts. 
  • What if gender roles in advertising were reversed?

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