Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The New Man - Episode 59: Yeah Dave Romanelli: The Power of Pleasure

"Yeah Dave"? Seriously? OK then.

But this is interesting - and they talk about the Washington Post Experiment -- Joshua Bell, a world class violinist who played in the subway and was barely noticed.

Episode 59: Yeah Dave Romanelli: The Power of Pleasure

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“The Power of Pleasure”

If money can’t buy happiness then where do we find it? The answer is in life’s simple pleasures. It sounds like a cliche, but the truth is that we’ve trained ourselves to multitask and split our attention across many different arenas. The cost? We don’t take the time to truly experience and enjoy our day and it’s contents.

We’re so focused on finding relief in the future that we’re forgetting about the moment we’re living in -- now.

Our culture and its expanding arena of attention-grabbers like facebook and twitter make it more challenging to just have a glass of wine or a simple meal. For instance, we’re finding it increasingly necessary to eat AND read email AND watch TV.

According to “Yeah Dave” Romanelli, a former PR agent for Shaquille O’Neill we can create a short checklist of things to focus on throughout the day -- Humor, Something Delicious and the Beauty all around us. This will ultimately have a big, positive impact.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jeff Spicoli and Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • Technology Addiction
  • Continuous Partial Attention
  • Washington Post Experiment -- Joshua Bell, violinist in the subway
  • How meditation is hard
  • Getting kicked out of a meditation retreat
  • ADHD
  • Bad energy is worse than body odor
  • The Likability Factor
  • Laughter is the way to get the panties off of a girl
  • Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead
  • India
  • Creating spaciousness in your mind creates spaciousness in your life

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