The New Man - Episode 76: Joel Harper - No more excuses! Do you DESERVE to be in amazing shape?

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What’s your excuse for not being in shape? Is it not enough time or money to go to the gym?

How is staying fit like brushing your teeth?

And what can you do when your partner and you are just not on the same page when it comes to fitness?

This week, big time and big city personal trainer, Joel Harper is on the show to tell you everything you need to know to get off your ass and stay in shape.

Joel Harper is a long-time certified personal trainer in New York City. He trains everyone from celebrities to Olympic Medalists and his training philosophies have been captured in the New York Times best-selling books YOU: THE OWNER'S MANUAL, YOU: ON A DIET, YOU: STAYING YOUNG and YOU: BEING BEAUTIFUL with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Joel's workouts have been featured in multiple publications and TV programs, from Esquire to Oprah Magazine, all because his simple yet effective, no machines, no barbells exercises get results.

In this episode, Joel delivers a ton of information that will eliminate any excuses you may have created. Time, money, equipment -- it doesn’t matter. He also lays out some fundamentals for working out, how to deal with your partner when you’re not on the same fitness page and confronting any possibility that you may not believe you deserve to be in great shape.

In this show:

  • Joel’s Workouts: No equipment necessary, short amount of time
  • The 4 Key Factors to Effective Workouts
  • Stretching -- when/how to get most benefits
  • Why is it easier for certain guys to stay in shape than others?
  • Why do you workout? To look better or to be stronger?
  • What about the guy that doesn’t have time to workout?
  • What to do if you’re feeling pain
  • What happens if you and your partner are out of sync when it comes to fitness?
  • Do you deserve to be in amazing shape? In a great relationship? In a great job?
  • So much conflicting information on fitness and nutrition: What are the facts?
  • What’s one thing you can do to feel more fit and strong today?
  • Where to find Joel’s workouts online for free