Thursday, April 1, 2010

Male Eating Disorders

This slide show was my part of a presentation on eating disorders for our addictions class - I focused on male eating disorders, including Muscle Dysmorphia, which is actually a form of body dysmorphic disorder, but is nearly always comorbid with disordered eating.

One of the interesting findings, to me, is that men have fewer incidences of abuse and/or neglect in their childhood - which is very common in females with disordered eating.

These are just basic notes, as much as one can do with a powerpoint (and probably too much for a short class presentation). I offer some references at the end.
Male Eating Disorders


Shawn Phillips | said...

Great topic... far too hidden. It's really quite disturbing but that's likely why it's so no talked about, often.

Amazing that "dieting is one of the most powerful eating disorder triggers for both males..." and "70% of highschoolers diet..."

I'm very sensitive to this as a supporter of an "Integrally Fit" lifestyle... author and visual fitness "icon"... I have always been very sensitive to the razors edge between photos being motivating and destructive to people.

Thanks for sharing...

In Strength,

william harryman said...

Hey Shawn,

Yeah this topic is important - even my professor, who has been a therapist for more than 30 years, was unaware of the issue in men and how pervasive it has become.

For girls, dieting is nearly always the trigger, and this seems to be true for men as well. There are some serious biochemical changes that happen in dieting for some people that kills the appetite, and then they get social reinforcement for being thin, and it becomes a cycle.

In the men, there is no clear reason why and how this happens - but in women we know there is nearly always trauma.

Anyway - this is a tough subject, especially for people who make a living offering an image of health and vitality.

I would love to have your abs, but I am not going to starve or exercise excessively to get that look. It helps that I know the healthy way to get there, but many young guys don't. So they are easy prey for the crazy supplement ads in the muscle magazines.