Friday, July 2, 2010

STUDY: Men Are No Longer ‘Metrosexual’

Really? We buy more "product" than ever and spend only 7 minutes less than women getting groomed in the morning - but the term "metrosexual" has been rejected. That's cool, I guess - it's now mainstream for men to care about their grooming.

STUDY: Men Are No Longer ‘Metrosexual’

For years, men who take care of themselves the world over have been plagued by the moniker “metrosexual,” a word which offensively suggested that a distaste for dry patches of skin or uncontrolled scruffiness had more to do with who one slept with than with, well, simple distaste for dry patches of skin or uncontrolled scruffiness.

But StyleList reports that according to a new study conducted by GQ and Allure magazines, the average man now spends only seven minutes less getting ready than the average woman. Congrats on finally hogging the bathroom the way you deserve to, bros.

What accounts for the change? The study found that 63 percent of men surveyed say they like their morning grooming routine, and 72 percent say they feel more pressure to care about what they look like.

Accordingly, men are spending more money on their grooming products because they’re using more of them (an average of 11 to a woman’s 16) and they’re getting more expensive versions of the products they need. The modern man forks over $121 for his various lotions and sprays, while women spend $194.

And because it’s finally OK to care about what we look like, the overwhelming majority of us have dismissed the term metrosexual — 93 percent of those in the study said that it was “offensive, dated, and doesn’t describe me.”

Damn right, dudes. Damn right.

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