Monday, November 8, 2010

Salon - Men who clean house are happier

It's not the cleaning itself ('cause that part sucks) - it's the egalitarian relationship. The nature of relationships and the division of labor is changing - quickly - but the expectations of men and women in the workplace are not keeping pace, which is where the problems will arise.

The first sentence says it all, so I added bold print to accent the point.

Men who clean house are happier

So are husbands with wives who put in similar hours at the office. Could equality be their secret?

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Anonymous said...

Really? I'm certain it's plausable that men who don't suffer from flesh eating batceria are happier than those who do, as well....honestly, who thinks up this type of hoowie? As though anyones interested in what makes men's a short list and it ain't about cleaning...good gracious.