Monday, July 4, 2011

Laughology - A Documentary (2010)

Cool - Tucson actually has "laughter yoga" classes - those who attend them swear by them. Makes sense to me. We know that smiling even when we do not feel like it changes brain chemistry for the better - imagine what an hour of laughter might do.

Laughology (2010) 66 min

Albert goes on a journey to discover the meaning and power of laughter, realizing he needs to lighten up after a family tragedy

Laughter… Plato Hated it. The Bible discouraged it. The school you went to probably banned it. The first ever feature documentary about the subject, Laughology is a “screamingly funny,” groundbreaking odyssey into why we laugh and those who would stop us. When filmmaker Albert Nerenberg realized he needed to lighten up after a family tragedy, he goes on a quest to find the cure for seriousness. What ensues is a journey to discover the meaning and power of laughter in a world that desperately needs a good laugh.

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lynettemitchell said...

laughter can distress you and it is a very effective medicine