Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All Good Things . . .


I have been doing this blog for more than six years, mostly every day. I have loved the reading and sharing that goes into a blog, as well as the opportunity to preach my beliefs about masculinity and gender. But, for a variety of reasons, it's time to do something else.

I'm not shutting down the blog, but any posting will be occasional or related to a specific and relevant current event.

I have made this decision for Integral Options Cafe as well (which has been a daily effort for nearly ten years).

THANK YOU to all of you who read this blog and especially to those of you who have engaged in conversation here.


Unknown said...

I am saddened re both blogs, but while appreciating all you do in the blogging realm, I have wondered how you have the time for much else. Thus, I'm (mostly) glad you're opening up space for other intellectual endeavors; maybe, doing more that is fun; and getting to the gym more and whatever else stimulates and entertains you.

Frank said...

Though I've posted comments only a very few times, I've been following both MH and IO for at least five years. I am grateful for the work you put into them, though especially for MH.