Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hey Dad, Let’s Not Forget I am Your Daughter . . .

This is a great post -- kids know a lot more than we often think they do. If I were the father in this story, I would be horribly ashamed. From Think Men Think:

Hey Dad, Let’s Not Forget I am Your Daughter…

I have a little story to tell you today. Nothing long and boring, just a quick short incident that I came across while walking in the mall with my wife. Me and my wife had a long day yesterday ( nothing unusual ) and to relax ourselves we thought we would go for a nice little drive and then hit the mall for quick window shopping ( we both enjoy it ). We had a good old time just hanging out and walking through the mall and checking stuff out. While we were at the mall we went to a store that sells swimming gear as we are both planning on taking kids to a water resort.

While we were checking out some swimming shorts, tubes and what not I over heard a conversation. There were two guys and a little girl ( one of the guys’ daughter who was probably 10-12 years old ). The two guys were laughing, talking and as they say “checking out” the store manager. Then the guy who I assume is the little girl’s dad made a comment to his friend which went something like this : “Check this bikini out man! I bet that chick would look hot with this on. If she can make me feel this way with those jeans, I would freaking jump at her if she had these bikinis on.” Please note that the little girl was right by their side. Right after the guy was done saying this, the little girl said,

Hey Dad, Let’s not forget I am your daughter and someday I will be a woman. Would you want guys to talk about me like that?

The guy was shocked! He probably didn’t expect his little girl to get back on his statement but for me and my wife it was a delight. It was nice to see a little girl stand up for herself and every other woman out there. I just wanted to share this as it is something that we see quite often. Some dad’s make comments and rude gestures that show little girls that that’s the only way to get attention, cheap attention for that matter. I am glad I had a chance to see and know at least that one little girl won’t turn out that way.

So next time you are with your daughter watch what you say. You don’t want to be the one to hear that statement coming from your daughter, do you?.Think men, think before you look at another woman as a piece of meat. She can’t be just that can she? And why make your daughter think that’s how men should look at her when she grows up…..

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