Thursday, July 31, 2008

The New Man, Episode 22: Rob MacNamera: What is Strength?

Another excellent podcast from the good folks at The New Man, who are featured in a fine interview in the new What Is Enlightenment?

I've posted a couple of blog entries by Rob McNamara (here and here). His vision of masculinity is tender and strong at the same time, offering us all a wonderful model for how to be fully integrated men.

And, as a side note, he is a kickass fitness coach, having authored the fitness module in the Integral Life Practice kit.

Episode 22: Rob MacNamera: What is Strength?

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Are you feeling at your best physically? Are you looking for that edge to keep you sharp at the workplace and help you handle the intensity of life's challenges? If you are like the average man, chances are you have not felt that great since you were in your teens. Not only is our poor physical condition slowing down our bodies, but its slowing down our minds as well.

This week we are talking with Rob MacNamera about strength. Strength is the abundance of power. This abundance is true for our muscles as well as our brains, and affects our performance across the board. We can increase this abundance with regular strength training.

Listen as Rob MacNamera breaks down the secrets of strength and shares with us the dire importance of taking care of our bodies.

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