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National Man Day: Organizers Urge "Manly" Activities On Monday

[Jayson being a real man]

Didn't know about this until I saw it at Huffington Post - not sure I'm totally down with this, since being manly can also be about be soft, vulnerable, and other non-traditionally masculine things.

But, hey - go bust some heavy weights in the gym or chop some firewood and feel good about the testosterone in your veins.

Key point: "National Man Day isn't about getting drunk and having sex with a million girls, anyone can do that."Ya think? It isn't about killing wild animals, either, but I can see how you might be confused.

And eating a 20 oz steak as a sign of masculinity? Puh-lease, I can do that on a full stomach.
National Man Day: Organizers Urge "Manly" Activities On Monday

CELESTINE, Ind. — Two Indiana men have declared Monday "National Man Day" only to find there's already a romantic holiday that falls on that date.

Ninteen-year-old Joel Longanecker of Celestine and his 26-year-old brother Aaron, of Indianapolis, have for months been rallying thousands to their masculine cause on Facebook. More than 260,000 people have pledged to "stand up and do manly things" on Man Day.

But it turns out June 15 is also "Sneak a Kiss Day," a day for sweethearts to steal smooches from their sweeties.

The Man Day organizers urge participants to take part in "manly" activities such as football, hunting or watching Rocky movies. They claim real men don't "sneak" kisses.

From FaceBook:

National Man Day

Be a MAN!!
Every Man!
Start Time:
Monday, June 15, 2009 at 12:00am
End Time:
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 12:00am
Everywhere a man is!


This day is the day for all men to stand up and say, "Yes, I am a Man." And "Yes, I will step up and do manly things and whatever I want to do on this glorious day!"
Come, make history! Be a part of National Man day. Take the world by the throat and tell them it's ok to watch Rocky movies all day. Tell them it's fine if you sit in your favorite chair and scratch yourself. Tell them it's normal to go shoot stuff or blow something up. Why? Because YOU ARE A MAN!!!

You aren't some nancy that likes to frolic in the fields, unless it's a field of mines and you have an AK47 and a hand full of grenades... Then you really are a man!

Yes on this day, men across the nation will be saying, "Screw you salad bar, with your salad and light dressings!" Men will step up and say, "I'll take that 20 oz steak, and yes, I'll eat it all. Because I'm a man!"

I'm not asking you to throw some sissy party, or to go buy a new power tie because you're a man. All I'm asking you to do is step up live this day like a man would. Blow something up, shoot some animal, punch your buddy in the face for no reason, be a good father, play football and literally knock someone's head off... Do something manly. Be a man like God intended you to be...

Take this day and celebrate your manhood!

Oh, and invite every man you know!
We're shooting for 1,000!!

GREAT JOB!!! We've hit 1,000 men!!
Now.... Let's shoot for 5,000!!!!

WE are doing AMAZING!!
Nothing says Happy New Year like hitting our 5,000 mark!!! This is great news! GREAT JOB!!!
Let's take this even further and shoot for 10,000 men!!

This is going to be the biggest event to hit America!!!!! GREAT job, men! We have hit over 10,000 men!!!! That is AMAZING! Keep up the good work! This time, let's double our strength. Let's shoot for 20,000 people! Keep up the good work and let every man out there know so we can celebrate!!!!!!

WE CAN DO IT! Spread the word. Invite every man you know!

Men: Thanks for all the great pics and support! We as men need to stand up and take back this country! Remember when Men ruled the ENTIRE world? Neither do I because we have failed to meet the challenges that have faced us as men. We need to start acting like we have a pair of balls and stop doing things like watching Dancing with the stars and driving Mazda Miata convertibles.

National Man Day is about acting like a Man & taking responsibility for things we can control. Be a better father to your kids, hit the gym, punch a gorilla in the face, treat women like a gentleman, and most of all BE A MAN! A glorious testosterone filled, standing up when you piss MAN!

~Aaron and Joel Longanecker
National Man Day Founders

P.S. To the guy that said we need to change the part about literally knocking someone's head off while playing football.... It was an attempt at humor. Maybe next time I'll throw in some jokes about algebraic notations and graphs... You may get those. Until then, suck it up, grow a pair and study some humor!

This is HUGE!!!
Men, you all are doing an amazing job at spreading the word on this! Give yourselves a pat on the back!
This time we're shooting for 40,000 people to our brotherhood of man. Keep spreading the news men!

My brothers of National Man Day,
We are exceeding anything I could ever hope for! Our numbers are growing at a extreme rate. It is AMAZING!!!!
Great job men! Thank you for your support!!!
Our new goal is 75,000!
Invite all those men you can get!! Keep up the good work!

Guys, you are doing great! keep up the good work! We have a group now too. Make sure you show your support for National Man Day with the group too!

Keep the good work up men! We hit 75,000 people today!!! GREAT JOB!
Next, we're shooting for 100,000! Let's make it happen!

You all have been very busy! Good Job, men! Keep up the good work! Keep inviting those men to join! Our goal now is 200,000 people!

Congrats guys! We have hit 200,000 people! I'm so happy that you guys have carried this dream on! Good job to you all! Now let's shoot for 250,000 people!
We can do it!

Hello my friends,
I'm sorry it's been so long since we've wrote, but today something has come to my attention... A person has made a significant slam to our sacred holiday. Instead of giving support to National Man Day, they have deemed our day as "Sneak a Kiss Day".

First, who the crap thinks of a day like that?? Seriously.

Second, how can you sneak a kiss? The object of sneaking something is to not let anyone else know about what you are doing. So are you guys going to sneak into your closet and kiss yourself without telling you?? Maybe later you can write in your journal and laugh about it...

Here it is men, we are MEN! We don't sneak kisses. We kiss and make sure she knows it's a freaking kiss!! Let her know you care, not by being some nancy that tries to play it off like it was a bug that landed on her cheek.

Be a man!

So, let's not go around "sneaking" kisses on June 15th. Let's go around being men! Being responsible, God fearing, mother loving, good fathering, awesome husband, men! Men that don't need to sneak a kiss to actually get one, men that treat their women right and deserve a big kiss!
Let's be MEN!
Joel Longanecker

Hello my fellow countrymen!
I have received mail recently that questioned the motives of this day. So, once again I want to clarify what National Man Day is about.

National Man Day isn't about getting drunk and having sex with a million girls, anyone can do that.

National Man Day is about being a responsible man and having fun doing it! So many times the media and other forces tell us that being manly isn't cool. They say it's ok to not be a man of your word, or to walk out and leave your family. National Man Day is a day to step up, slap the media in the face and tell them it is GREAT to be a manly man, one that John Wayne would be proud of! It is a day to step up and be a good father, or bring some flowers home to your wife. It's a day to be a man, one that this country hasn't seen in decades. It's a day to be a responsible, God fearing, God loving man! And it's a day to have freaking blast doing it!!!!

So on June 15th, take time to be a good man! Take time to honor your family, to honor you country and to honor God! Take this day to make it the beginning of the return of manly men!!!!

GREAT job, MEN!!! We hit 250,000 men!! That is QUITE an accomplishment! I'm proud of all 250,000 of you! Next, we're going to ENJOY being a man with over 250,000 other men! June 15th is too far off, tell every man you know about National Man Day!!!!

June 15th is the RETURN OF MAN!!

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Anonymous said...

You're right that there are non-traditional things about being a man. The great thing about National Man Day is that it is about breaking these stereotypes and being better, more responsible men in our neighborhoods, families, and workplace. We also want to have fun and do manly things...but this can be anything that anyone deems manly. Please join us for our second annual National Man Day, June 15, 2010. We have a new website out as well as our facebook group and facebook page.