Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Male Enhancement" Advertisements


I just saw an infomercial for a product that promises to increase your penis size, or your money back. First of all, bullshit - these products are worthless and DO NOT WORK.

Second, you are fine exactly as you are. You do not need to be bigger, or longer, or anything else. The truth these asshats do not want you to believe is that it really is about quality, not quantity.

Finally, and most importantly, the infomercial used "candid confessions" of pretty young women talking about how much size matters to them. One even said that a small penis "makes everything else about the man seem small."

So the message these f*cktards are trying to promote is that men are their penises, and if that one part of our bodies is not HUGE, then we are small men overall. What an effing dumbass thing to tell men, many of whom are insecure about size and performance anyway.

I was appalled by this ad. And the thing is that they will sell tons of this product because they target one of the greatest insecurities in many men, especially young men.

So, men, our penises are just one part of our bodies - they are not who we are as men. A woman worth being with, and spending our lives with, will not focus on our penis size or anything else - she will love us and want to be with us for who we are as human beings. And if you are with a woman who only cares about your penis, or makes an issue of any physical element, you are with a woman who is not worth your time.


Pelle Billing said...

A fierce outpouring from the heart! I completely agree.

Joshua Ty said...

Explanations and clear instructions should be given to product users, especially since there is always the risk of experiencing harmful side effects.