Monday, June 7, 2010

Shawn Phillips - 10 Things I Believe

Some excellent food for thought from Shawn's Start Strong Monday blog. What do you believe? Do you know? If you had to list the ten things that shape your vision for life, for YOUR life, could you do it?

I'm now thinking about my own list - some are obvious, but others I'll have to sit with for a day or two - then I'll post my list.

10 Things I Believe

Mon, Jun 7, 2010

5. I believe motivation can be personal, but true inspiration originates in and is energized by sharing with others.

6. I believe owning all the results of our lives—good, bad and other—releases us fully from the suffering and powerlessness of being a victim.

7. I believe most men accept a loss of energy, vitality and strength far too willingly, far too soon.

8. I believe quantum change is achieved through small rituals repeated daily.

9. I believe what you eat is reflected in who you are, who you are is visible in how you eat, and each day is a direct reflection of how well you nourished your body, mind and soul first thing in the morning.

10. I believe a strong, vibrant USA begins with a strong, vibrant YOU!

Go read the top four.

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