Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soul Visions Radio - "Visions of Manhood" with Special Guest Brother Keonna

I've recently discovered another new podcast - Soul Visions Radio - which has been offering various posts on manhood and masculinity. This is one of the few places where I have heard black men talking about masculinity and family issues in a public forum.
Soul Visions Radio

"Visions of Manhood" with Special Guest Brother Keonna

Join me for a discussion with Brother Keonna as we talk about family, fatherhood, responsibility, commitment, and male / female relationships.

Keonna was born October 5, 1972 in Atlanta, Ga. Currently residing in Australia, Keonna has established a family institution with his lovely and talented wife Tanmayi. Together they are raisinbg a 15 month old daughter.

When speaking of his wife Keonna has this to say, "My Wife has a unique ability to soothe my soul with her words, her vision, her healing touch, and most important her undeniable beauty which radiates from the inside/out. In the most profound and significant way, my LIFE began when I met Tanmayi."

While speaking of manhood Brother Keonna has this to say, "For me, manhood is defined by ones understanding of their role as the Masculine aspect of gender. To understand manhood, One must have some knowledge and mastery over the Masculine principle.

Please be sure to join us for this important discussion.

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