Monday, January 24, 2011

Personal Mastery for Men - Introduction w/ Boysen Hodgson

I met Boysen last summer at the Evolving Men Conference in Boulder - good guy: passionate, grounded, serious about helping men, and integrally informed. He works for The Mankind Project, a group of which I am not a fan, but I have met many people involved with them who I quite like - go figure.

Boysen is interviewed here by Patricia Clason, whose show is Everyday EQ (emotional intelligence).
Boysen Hodgson - Marketing Director for Mankind Project - Personal Mastery for Men is about men mentoring men to develop the tools and skills to handle anything; any transition, any life stage, any set of circumstances. It’s about developing not only personal resources but community resources to support men and help them deepen their level of self-awareness and personal responsibility. Unlike traditional socialization for men, personal mastery for men does not ask men to repress, hide or deny their emotional lives, but rather pushes them to experience and integrate all their emotions and use them to learn, adapt and succeed in the world. A man with Personal Mastery uses all the streams of input he experiences rather than trying to block out uncomfortable sensations to stay in the ‘safe’ zone of modern masculinity. Men who strive for Personal Mastery are happier, more relaxed, healthier, less likely to be engaged in long term conflict and much better equipped to succeed in business and relationships.

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EQmatters said...

Thanks Bill - I like you too. And maybe the disconnect between liking so many of the men involved and not approving of the organization is a matter of understanding? What questions do you have that have not been answered?