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Yes! Magazine - Guys Read, Curriculum and Resources

Getting boys to read can be one of the great challenges of raising a boy, or teaching one. Yes! magazine has posted some resources for parents and teachers to help get boys interested in reading.

The Guys Read site and project is founded by Jon Scieszka, author of one of my favorite and one of the most popular kids' books, The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales. Any boy who doesn't like this book has no sense of humor. He's also the author of another of my favorite books, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf.

Guys Read

Guys Read


Jon Scieszka is perhaps known best as author of The Stinky Cheese Man and Time Warp Trio. He also is the founder of Guys Read. After 10 years teaching elementary students and 15 years as an author, Jon noticed boys aren’t too crazy about reading. This observation is substantiated by U.S. Department of Education reading test scores that show for the last 30 years, boys score worse than girls in every age group, every year.

Guys Read is a positive force in getting boys to read. Its main strategy? Finding text guys want to read and letting them choose what they want to read. In addition to an incredible reading list recommended by guys, Guys Read offers other resources, practical information, and humorous inspiration to help …. guys read.

Guys Read: About

Guys and Reading

About Guys and Reading explores the landscape of boys and literacy and why boys may have trouble with reading.

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Guys Read: Books

Books That Guys Read

Books for Guys is the place to visit for finding a book for guys. Teachers, librarians, booksellers, parents, and guys have contributed to this collection, and it keeps growing. You can find books by the usual method – title, author, and subject. What’s most appealing are the categories outside the usual sports, adventure, and war. Try: "At Least One Explosion," "Outer Space, but with Aliens," and "People Being Transformed Into Animals!".

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Guys Read: Listen

Guys Listen

Guys Listen acknowledges that for some boys - reluctant or voracious readers—, tuning into an audiobooks is more appealing than sitting down and flipping through print pages. Guys Listen expands the reach of Guys Read by recommending great nonfiction and fictional story audiobooks . It is a collaboration of National Ambassador of Literature for Young People Jon Scieszka and middle school media library specialist Rose Brock, and Listening Library.

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VISIT the Guys Read website for more resources and inspiration to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers.

Guys Read began when author and former elementary school teacher Jon Scieszka noticed a lot of boys aren’t too crazy about reading. Jon, who grew up in a family of six boys, wants to motivate boys to read by connecting them with material they’ll want to read and in ways they like to read. Guys Read offers many resources to get boys to read, including a long and luscious list of books that guys like, recommended by librarians, teachers, parents, and …. guys.

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