Friday, January 21, 2011

Vitamin E may increase the life expectancy of restricted groups of men

There is still a lot of mixed information about Vitamin E in the literature. I take it daily (more than the small amount in my Daily One) and I look for mixed tocopherols.

If this is you:
Among 2,284 men with dietary vitamin C intake above the median who smoked less than a pack of cigarettes per day, vitamin E extended life-span by two years at the upper limit of the follow-up age span. In the other participants, consisting of 80% of the cohort, vitamin E did not affect mortality, which shows that vitamin E is no panacea for extending life expectancy.
Taking Vitamin E might be a good choice - two extra years is nothing to laugh off. It might mean being around long enough to know your grandchildren.

Read the article.

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