Thursday, May 5, 2011

Call for Writers: Behind the mask of masculinity

Gender Across Borders, which is actually a global feminist blog, is seeking submissions on the reality "behind the mask of masculinity." The deadline for submissions is May 18.

Call for Writers: Behind the mask of masculinity

Webster’s Dictionary defines masculinity as “having qualities appropriate to or usually associated with a man.” This definition raises the questions: What are these qualities? How are they created—nurture or nature? How do they affect men? How do they affect women? How do they affect those who do identify as neither a man nor a woman? How do they affect a society and/or country—help or hinder its progress? Overall, what is behind the mask of masculinity?

Masculinity is a broad concept in constant evolution. The women’s movement, the gay liberation movement, the fight against racism, social justice causes and the anti-globalization and environmental movements among other players have all impacted masculinity.

To reflect the diversity of lenses through which masculinity can be viewed writers from all over the world are encouraged to respond not only to the questions listed above but to others they may have in relation to masculinity through personal narratives, profiles, book reviews, journalistic articles, analytical pieces, critical essays and last but not least editorials.

To apply, please submit your piece (300 – 1500 words in length) along with a résumé/CV or short summary of interests and experience to Tanya at by Wednesday 18 May 2011. Articles should include relevant links (no footnotes) that provide additional information and an image or video to run with the entry. No prior experience with blogging or professional writing is necessary, however please familiarize yourself with the Gender Across Border’s website. Anyone with an interest in feminism, gender, and development is welcome to contribute.

Decisions on the entries to be published on Gender Across Borders will be made by 23 May. All selected contributors must be available via email between 23-26 May to participate in the editing and uploading process. “Behind the mask of masculinity” series will run 30 and 31 May.

Please feel free to email Tanya at the above address with any questions.

Looking forward to your submissions!

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