Thursday, May 26, 2011

Join Me at the Ultimate Men's Summit, a Free Virtual Global Telesummit, June 10-19

I will be part of a discussion on Thursday, June 16 at 3:30 PDT - a one-hour Panel entitled, “Growing Up - From Boyhood to Manhood" with the prominent men's work expert, Owen Marcus, a man I was fortunate to meet last summer at Jayson Gaddis's Evolving Men's Conference in Boulder. Following the one-hour discussion, we will be available for an additional Q&A session. The event is being sponsored by The Shift Network, among other fine groups.

Free registration is available here.

Among the many excellent men (and women) involved are Neale Donald Walsch, Sam Keen, Robert Bly, Gary Zukav, Dan Millman, Hal Stone, Andrew Harvey, John Perkins, Claudio Naranjo and Gay Hendricks (plus a few great women such as Riane Eisler).

In addition, some integrally-known men are also involved, including Robert Augustus Masters, Stuart Davis, Saniel Bonder, Arjuna Ardagh, Terry Patten, Gary Stamper, Tripp Lanier, and Matthew Fox.

Among the men's studies professionals are Michael Gurian, Michael Kimmel, Jed Diamond, Michael Thompson, and Warren Farrell.

Please join us for this FREE event - it looks to be a wonderful week!

More information will be posted in the next couple of days. If you have any thoughts on men "growing up," or topics you'd like to hear, please drop me a note.

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