Saturday, May 14, 2011

What men really think about . . . their bodies

It's interesting to me that some of the most serious men's work - including men's studies people - are in Australia, where the men are maybe more traditionally "masculine" than anywhere else on the planet. This podcast is part of a series on what men think about - a nice topic and one we should be doing here in the States.

The guys in this video are brutally honest about their insecurities and anxieties. These are the kinds of discussions we need to have - the Men's Health cover guys are not the average guy any more than the Playboy centerfold is the average woman.

What men really think about . . . their bodies
In the first of a series exploring "What Men Really Think About...", Kim Farrant hosts a panel on how men think and feel about their bodies. With disarming and unusual frankness, a cross-section of adult Australian males (Bobby Morley, John Chaplin-Flemming, Ben Dennis, Dr Randall Farrant and David O'Halloran) speak about perceived social pressures, personal neuroses and other body-image issues they encounter in their lives. Produced by Danielle Karalus and Kim Farrant, Melbourne, May 2011

There will be more of these videos in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

"...where the men are maybe more masculine than anywhere else on the planet"

What an odd statement coming from someone who purports to avoid any codified definition of masculinity.

william harryman said...

not sure I agree with the implied critique, but it should probably read "traditionally masculine"